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Customized, collaborative community for analytics executives

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No matter which industry you’re in, you know that the most successful companies use analytics to gain a competitive edge. They can do this because the barrier to strategic use of analytics is high — it takes real expertise to go from data‑gathering to reliably delivering actionable insights that drive business success. 

As a person who’s responsible for leading analytics strategy in your organization, you know the pressures that come with the job: 

  • Articulating and demonstrating the value of analytics initiatives within your organization 

  • Keeping up with constantly evolving technology and vendor solutions 

  • Dealing with resistance to change inside your organization 

The International Institute for Analytics (IIA) has helped hundreds of global brands gain the competitive advantage that a strong analytics program confers in today’s data‑driven economy. Building on our network of leading experts, research, and hands‑on experience with companies at all stages of analytics maturity allows us to offer a unique experience: the Analytics Leadership Consortium. 

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Analytics Leadership Consortium: Trusted Community, Customized Content, Strategic and Actionable Insights. 

The Analytics Leadership Consortium (ALC) was designed to help analytics executives access strategic insight, develop and validate new techniques, and leverage the community’s shared wisdom to solve business problems more quickly and facilitate a culture of analytics within their organization. 

Members of the ALC find IIA’s curriculum combined with lively interaction with their peers to be uniquely effective for helping them drive business success in their organizations. 

As a member of ALC, you will receive: 

  • Unparalleled access to thought leaders and peers who share deep experience, new ideas and proven methods and strategies for getting the best business results from analytics 

  • Membership in a confidential community of trusted executives who are passionate about developing and sharing knowledge 

  • Customized materials and resources you can take back to your organization to help your team develop and improve its analytics program and outcomes 

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How ALC works 

When you join the ALC, you will be included in a cohort made up of analytics executives from a range of industries. You’ll meet regularly, both face-to-face and virtually, to discuss the most important business challenges you and your cohort face near-term and long-term. All ALC activities occur in a confidential environment, free of vendors and press, to promote openness, sharing and collaborative learning. 

ALC gatherings feature a mix of moderated roundtable discussions as well as presentations from thought leaders who share their insights and the latest trends and ideas in analytics today. You’ll have the opportunity to engage on the issues that matter to you most, and participate in lively discussions with thought leaders and your peers. You’ll receive summaries of presentations and discussions after each meeting. 

You and your fellow ALC members will decide together which topics you want to cover. IIA executives provide customized structure, appropriate thought leaders, research and other materials to address these areas. Past cohorts have focused on topics such as: 

  • Next-gen trends in analytics and how to choose where to invest 

  • Capabilities and practical applications of Machine Learning and AI 

  • Operationalizing analytics into the workflow of the business 

  • Measuring and articulating the business value of analytics 

  • Forecasting techniques without historic data, prediction markets, influencers as a predictive tool, scenario planning, super forecasting 

As you work with and learn from the other analytics leaders in your cohort, you’ll develop a peer network with whom you can continue to consult and collaborate. Your ongoing access to this analytics community gives you an unmatched strategic resource as you deepen your organization’s use of analytics and build your team’s competence for future success.

IIA executives structure each cohort to include members from around a dozen organizations representing diverse industries; competitive organizations cannot be members of the same cohort.

Each member company designates one sponsoring senior analytics executive
to direct their organization’s participation in the ALC. In addition, each member may include up to four more colleagues—people who own different analytics processes within the organization, executives with an interest in analytics, direct reports of the sponsoring executive. Every member company commits to having at least one representative at every gathering (more than one is ideal).

For information about how to join ALC, contact us today!

Join the ALC to put you and your organization into an elite competitive class

No organization can become truly innovative in isolation. Engaging with executives as committed to analytics as you are will help you drive new ideas and methods within your company, and get greater business value from your analytics program.