Data-Driven Decision Making: A Single Source of the Truth?

Data-driven decision-making: who doesn’t think it is a good idea? But it typically has a rough go in the real world of enterprise management, in part because the data itself often prove unreliable. For a long time, IT has been tasked with building systems that could represent a single source of the truth, which has been nearly impossible. For the first time in history, we have broad access to high-volume data from a variety of sources that, when matched against each other, dramatically increase the probability of something like truth, and do so in a time window that is actionable.

In this report, IIA Expert Geoffrey Moore addresses the Digital Systems Maturity Model, which includes four systems:

  • Systems of record occupy the bottom step in this maturity model, having been prevalent for closing in on three decades

  • Systems of engagement are relatively new to the scene, be they in service to marketing automation, customer service, or sales enablement

  • Systems of intelligence are just emerging onto the scene, having become highly visible in the leading disruptive enterprises who are currently eviscerating their competition

  • At the highest level, just coming out of the labs in most cases, are systems of autonomy

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