Archived Webinar

How Can Analytics Help Detect and Deter Corruption?

Corruption dates back to the start of business but has come under greater focus in the last decade with enhanced enforcement of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. What has changed over time are the tools and more precisely, analytics, which can be used to detect bribery and other corruption schemes.   In this webinar, Fraud Analytics expert, Rich Lanza will explore this important topic and provide a roadmap for taking an analytic approach to root out organizational corruption.

You’ll learn: • The top internal and external data sources to interrogate for corruption schemes • How to identify the key red flags leading to corrupt behavior and how they present themselves in data • The best ways to bolster any compliance program with data-driven prediction and decision making analytics • The steps to complete a who, what, when, and where set of analytics to hone in on the specific corruption and bribery within your business processes • The benefits of integrating and managing a continuous review of data sets to identify corrupt behavior

Join us Thursday, June 22 at 12pm EDT/9am PDT and learn how best to apply analytics to detect corruption and safeguard your organization.