Improving Analytics Measurement

One of the continual challenges for analytics leaders is measuring the work of their analytics groups and communicating the results to business leaders.

Sound measurement and transparency form the foundation for strong working relationships, adequate funding of analytics, and trust in the analytics organization.

The work of analytics organizations – or any groups chartered to improve enterprise performance by adding capability and introducing change – can be assessed comprehensively through four questions:

  • Intent: Are we working on the right things? Focusing on analytics projects and activities that serve the enterprise well, raise the capabilities of business people, and are most likely to add significant value.

  • Performance: Are we doing those things well? Executing projects and delivering services efficiently and effectively.

  • Results: Are the outputs being put to good use and creating value? Introducing analytics in ways that motivate adoption and use, enable better decisions, and deliver absolute and comparative business value.

  • Health: Are we maintaining and building the right capabilities to meet business demand and perform better in the future? Investing in people, processes, and technology at sufficient levels to keep increasing the value-add of analytics.

This report examines how analytics organizations measure intent, performance, results, and health.

You can also watch the related webinar here.

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