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Improve Analytics Metrics to Demonstrate Value

Jan 11, 2018

One of the continual challenges for analytics leaders is measuring the work of their analytics groups and communicating the results to business leaders. Sound measurement and transparency form the foundation for strong working relationships, adequate funding of analytics, and trust in the analytics organization.

Join IIA Lead Faculty Member, Bob Morison as he shares highlights of recent market research on analytics metrics. He’ll share best practices in the four key domains of analytics measurement: Intent, Performance, Results, and Health.

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Master Your Digital Transformation Approach with Digital Decisioning

Jan 25, 2018

Automating the decision-making process and being able to activate machine learning and predictive models into business processes and decision models are key to gaining operational efficiency and digital transformation.

In this webinar, we will explore how analytics-as-a-service and real-time digital decisioning methods and platforms provide lower-cost, more efficient solutions. Expert Joe DeCosmo, CAO at Enova International and Enova Decisions, will explain how businesses can utilize these solutions to vastly improve operational decision-making capabilities and create measurable results.

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Archived Webinars

IIA’s 2018 Predictions & Priorities

Dec 07, 2017

The International Institute for Analytics will unveil its annual list of top predictions and priorities on December 7. Each year, IIA shares its perspective on the year ahead in the world of analytics, presenting viewpoints from leading analytics practitioners, executives and thought leaders. This year IIA has gathered feedback from 200 plus analytics executives and our broad network of unbiased analytics experts.

Join IIA Co-Founder Tom Davenport, IIA CAO Bill Franks, and IIA Lead Faculty Bob Morison as they discuss the major trends and pressing priorities analytics professionals should pay attention to in 2018. Don’t miss this compelling hour of insights to learn where to focus your time, attention and resources in the coming year. You may also READ the associated research report.

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Strategies to Overcoming Analytic Obstacles

Nov 02, 2017

Ready to boost your ROI on analytics? Did you know that 80-percent more analytics projects meet or exceed forecasted ROI when they’re aligned with business strategy? What’s your game plan to point your analytics projects where your company or department is headed?

Watch the webinar “Strategies to Overcoming Analytic Obstacles,” and hear from analytics expert, Tom Davenport, at the International Institute for Analytics to learn: • Four typical issues that risk analytics value • Proven strategies to boost success • Prescriptive game plans to drive alignment

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Measuring Analytical Excellence in Financial Services

Nov 09, 2017

Learn how top performers are winning with analytics in the Age of the Customer.

Financial Services companies are among the market leaders when it comes to analytics performance. How does your business rate?

Watch this webinar to hear how brands stack up in their analytics maturity, where you fit in, and how your institution can measure its performance and improve to stay ahead of the competition.

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Illuminate Dark Data for Deeper Insights

Sep 28, 2017

While many organizations are keen on becoming data-driven, most focus on only a small fraction of the many types of available data. Not accessing and analyzing a fuller spectrum of data, including those from “dark data”—emails, texts, images, photos, videos, and other documents—along with traditional data sources can limit an organization’s ability to gain a complete picture of their customers and operations, and exclude them from game-changing insights that improve business outcomes. In this webinar, Tho Nguyen of Teradata and industry analyst James Taylor of Decision Management Solutions discuss dark data and the new technologies that make it worth storing and analyzing to become a data-driven organization.

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Reinvention in the Age of Analytics - A Fireside Chat with Tom Davenport and Jeanne Harris

Sep 21, 2017

Join Tom Davenport and Jeanne Harris, analytics thought leaders and co-authors of the seminal book Competing on Analytics for a fireside chat where they’ll share key themes from the 10th anniversary edition of their book, Competing on Analytics, coming out in September. The discussion will focus on examples of companies that have successfully reinvented themselves and are thriving in today’s data economy and discuss what you can do to better compete.

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Building Analytics Champions Across the Enterprise

Aug 17, 2017

With the proliferation of analytics expanding across every function of the enterprise, the need for broader access to data, experienced data scientists and intuitive tools for non-technical users to produce reports and make discovery is growing exponentially. This webinar will illustrate how organizations are solving these challenges and enabling users to both access larger quantities of existing data as well as add new data to their own models without negatively impacting the quality, security or cost to store that data. It will also highlight some of the cost and performance benefits achieved by enabling self-service data management.

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Applying Advanced Analytics to Your Industry – Lessons from Healthcare

Jul 27, 2017

In this webinar, Healthcare Analytics Expert, Dr. Gwen O’Keefe will explore analytics capabilities that have transformed other industries, like healthcare, and how they can be applied to yours. She’ll outline the key steps for success and adoption of predictive analytics projects and share how to advance the use of predictive analytics and machine learning to improve all aspects of your business.

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The Analytics Revolution - Driving Action with Big Data Analytics

Jul 12, 2017

Focus today is shifting from simply capturing big data and discovering new insights with it to operationalizing those insights. The industrial revolution took manufacturing processes from an artisanal practice to a modern technological marvel that is able to manufacture quality items at massive scale. The same type of revolution must happen with analytics and big data. This webinar will address technological, organizational, and cultural points that must be considered to succeed in making big data actionable and operational.

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