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IT Organizations: The Shoemaker's Analytical Children

For the great majority of years in the past decade, Chief Information Officers named “business intelligence and analytics” as their top focus in Gartner Inc. annual surveys of technology priorities. That set of technologies moved to number one in the survey in 2006 and stayed there until 2009. It fell to fifth in 2010 and 2011, but was back on top in 2012 and has stayed there ever since.

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Who Gets The Call When Your Analytics Process Crashes?

I recently had a meeting with one of the largest companies in the world, where we discussed concerns about ongoing maintenance and, more importantly, ongoing repair required for analytics processes. The conversation helped solidify in my mind a major disconnect that often occurs when organizations deploy an analytics process into a production setting. Let’s walk through that disconnect here.

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A Pitfall To Avoid When Funding Big Data Analytics

Today, the systems used to facilitate analytics within most organizations are owned by IT, which means that IT owns the budget to purchase and maintain the systems. Business units may help fund the systems via charge back models, but usually it is IT’s budget that gets hit directly with any system expenses. With the evolution of the way analytics are created and used, this can cause a big problem.

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