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Moving Beyond Predictions – Second Order Analytics

Behind stories of failed analytic initiatives, there is often a lack of action to take the predictions and turn them into something valuable. It ends up that identifying and then taking the right action often leads to additional requirements for even more complex analyses beyond the initial effort to get to the predictions! Let’s explore what that means.

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Improve New Product Development with Predictive Analytics

Recently on this site, one of us wrote about the new product development analytics used by Netflix. In a nutshell, the company classified the key attributes of past and current products or services and then they modeled the relationship between those attributes and the commercial success of the offerings. This produced a predictive model that provides the company with guidance about how likely a new product or service is to be successful.

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A Pitfall To Avoid When Funding Big Data Analytics

Today, the systems used to facilitate analytics within most organizations are owned by IT, which means that IT owns the budget to purchase and maintain the systems. Business units may help fund the systems via charge back models, but usually it is IT’s budget that gets hit directly with any system expenses. With the evolution of the way analytics are created and used, this can cause a big problem.

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