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The State of Analytics Degrees in Universities

If you want to hire students from universities with strong analytical skills, you need to know the landscape of available programs and skills. For companies hiring graduates of analytics master’s degrees in business schools, it’s important to be aware of the differences among programs. This blog discusses the skills you should consider when hiring analytics graduates.

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Do You Need a Ph.D. to Run Analytics or Data Science?

While we are supportive of companies’ efforts to hire quantitative Ph.D.’s to practice data science, we believe that most firms are better off hiring people with other types of training and general management skills to manage analytics and data science groups. Why? Because there are a series of traits that make for effective managers of such groups, and most Ph.D.’s don’t tend to have them. We describe ten of those traits in this blog, and the reasons why they are unlikely to be found in the average doctoral degree holder. The list of traits may be useful for anyone seeking to hire a leader of analytics or data science functions-whether they are considering Ph.D.’s or not.

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