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Analytics 4.0: The Scary Ago Of Automated Networks

I have written here here and there about “Analytics 3.0,” an environment in which companies combine big and small data at significantly greater scope and scale of analytics. And even more recently I’ve been working on a book about the third era of automation, in which smart machines take over many types of decision-making from knowledge workers (and, perhaps more importantly, about what the knowledge workers can do about it).

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Meet Your Next Lawyer, The Algorithm

The legal profession has been one of the least aggressive adopters of technology in the past, and in many ways the field resembles the law as practiced a hundred years ago. But it’s on the verge of a major transformation involving automation and the use of technology to make intelligent legal decisions. The legal profession, already suffering from an excess of supply over demand, could be decimated unless lawyers embrace smart machines much more than in the past.

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A Brief History of Big Data Analytics

I had the opportunity back in June to attend IIA’s CAO Summit in Chicago, where I sat on a panel discussing the topic “Creating an Analytics Culture.” The session was kicked off by Tom Davenport, the recognized ‘guru’ of analytics who has written several books and many articles on the subject. Tom founded the International Institute of Analytics, and I work with him and his team as a lead faculty specializing in Manufacturing for IIA.

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