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The Benefits of Ignoring When Executives Misunderstand Artificial Intelligence

With the hype surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI) today, almost everyone in the analytics and data science space has been asked about AI by their business partners. Unfortunately, during these conversations it often becomes apparent that the business person really doesn’t have a clue what AI really is or what AI is best able to solve.

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Why Predictions are Not Enough

In recent times, I have read a number of articles lamenting the frequent lack of value resulting from large scale analytics and data science initiatives. While I have seen substantial value driven from many efforts, I have also seen examples where the results were very poor. My belief is that oftentimes the problems can be boiled down to one basic mistake. Namely, thinking that generating predictions, forecasts, or simulations is enough. It is not.

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New Technology Is Not An Easy Button For Big Data

It is good to remember in today’s hype-filled big data world that there is no “easy” button for big data. In fact, in many ways, big data is quite difficult to deal with. Many organizations seem to be falling for the fallacy that simply implementing new tools or platforms will “automagically” solve their big data problems. Unfortunately this isn’t the case.

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