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5 Things New Analytics Leaders Should do to Succeed

Any new leader in any field will have to face several challenges in the first few months on the job if he or she is to succeed. IIA co-founder Tom Davenport and I discussed some of the challenges analytics leaders face and what they can do to ensure success. While the action steps apply broadly, we focused on how they apply specifically within the realm of analytics.

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A New Chapter in the Analytics Journey

Every individual and enterprise travels a unique journey in the pursuit of analytics. In my case I could never have predicted how my journey would unfold when I first entered the workforce over 20 years ago. The rise of analytics as a strategic imperative and the explosion of career opportunities within the field far surpass what I expected coming out of school. I feel very lucky to have had such a terrific journey so far and will be interested to look back 20 years from now and see what happens from here.

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A Brief History of Big Data Analytics

I had the opportunity back in June to attend IIA’s CAO Summit in Chicago, where I sat on a panel discussing the topic “Creating an Analytics Culture.” The session was kicked off by Tom Davenport, the recognized ‘guru’ of analytics who has written several books and many articles on the subject. Tom founded the International Institute of Analytics, and I work with him and his team as a lead faculty specializing in Manufacturing for IIA.

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