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Miss The Right Connections At Your Own Peril

Historically, most analytics have had laser focus on specific entities like a customer, a product, a vendor, or a variety of others. When performing analysis, the focus is usually purely based upon facts about each entity. For example, each customer’s individual spend, frequency, and demographics. While such analytics have proven quite valuable, they usually don’t account for the relationships between entities and the nature of those relationships.

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Plan For Big Data Like It's 2000

Remember 2000? Everybody was very happy with the fact that Y2K had passed without nary a glitch, and the e-commerce revolution was in full flower. Most of the attention went to e-commerce startups, but IT-oriented people my age and older also recall that many larger firms were attempting to embrace e-commerce. While I was only on the fringes of that movement, in many cases a consultant or academic like me would be brought in to help a company strategize about this important new capability.

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