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Inconsistent Definitions Wreak Havoc on Analytics

Everyone who has lived within the world of analytics has seen cases where different parts of a business have made use of slightly differing definitions of core business metrics. Sometimes these differences lead to only minor and non-material disagreement. At other times, the differences in definition can cause massive divergence of reported results and related actions taken. When is the last time your organization took the time to really examine the strengths and weaknesses of the metric definitions being used on a daily basis?

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How Analytics is Evolving Like the Medical Field

It used to be that a doctor was a doctor for the most part. Even a century ago, unless you lived in a large city, people likely had a town doctor who handled most every type of ailment and guided most any type of treatment. Given the limited medical knowledge and lack of sophisticated treatment options during this time, these generalists could often provide a level of care that was comparable to the best available. Today, that is no longer true in medicine and a similar trend is playing out in analytics.

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A Brief History of Big Data Analytics

I had the opportunity back in June to attend IIA’s CAO Summit in Chicago, where I sat on a panel discussing the topic “Creating an Analytics Culture.” The session was kicked off by Tom Davenport, the recognized ‘guru’ of analytics who has written several books and many articles on the subject. Tom founded the International Institute of Analytics, and I work with him and his team as a lead faculty specializing in Manufacturing for IIA.

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