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All-Channel Marketing is not Omni-Channel Marketing

I was on a panel for the news media community at the Teradata Partners conference a few weeks back. Our discussion centered upon how marketing is changing in today’s big data world. As the discussion started, something hit me like a ton of bricks. Namely, doing marketing across all channels is not at all the same as true omni-channel marketing. While it sounds like a semantic game at first, I will explain why it is much more than that.

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Miss The Right Connections At Your Own Peril

Historically, most analytics have had laser focus on specific entities like a customer, a product, a vendor, or a variety of others. When performing analysis, the focus is usually purely based upon facts about each entity. For example, each customer’s individual spend, frequency, and demographics. While such analytics have proven quite valuable, they usually don’t account for the relationships between entities and the nature of those relationships.

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Quick! Invest In This CBIMBDMLAAS Company!

We are living in a period where certain buzz words are repeated again and again. While there are always buzz words being repeated at any point in time, it seems that there are more buzz words active today than usual. Companies, from startups to well-known technology behemoths, are falling all over themselves to make sure that everyone knows they are a player in some of the spaces covered by the most popular buzz words.

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