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Who Owns Your Data Exhaust

More than twenty years ago, consultants Stan Davis and Bill Davidson, in the book 2020 Vision, argued that a company’s “information exhaust” could be used to “informationalize” a business and turbocharge its performance. Their primary examples of this phenomenon were information companies—Quotron, TV Guide, TRW, and the like. They did argue, however, that any company in any industry had the potential to be informationalized by its data exhaust.

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Semi-Automated Social Media Analytics

There is a lot of chatter these days about analytics related to social phenomena: social media analytics, social network analytics, etc. My impression was that there was more talk than action on the subject. But I keep hearing about organizations that are actually doing something, including making connections among the various forms of social analytics. So it’s definitely worth a post, and we’ll be starting an IIA research project on this subject as well.

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