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Driving Analytic Value From New Data

One of the best ways to improve the power of your analytics is to include some totally new information. The use of new information can enable huge leaps in the effectiveness, predictive power, and accuracy of your analytics. Most of the time, effort is spent trying to incrementally improve results by using existing data and information in a more effective manner. This isn’t as much because analytic professionals don’t realize that new data can be powerful as it is because new data only becomes available occasionally. As soon as a new and different data source is available, however, you’ll be much better off to shift your focus to the new data immediately.

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What's The Definition Of Big Data? Who Cares?

It has been entertaining to see how so many people are arguing over how to define big data. There is always another nuance that can be suggested. There is always another potential exception to any rule that is offered. In the end, I don’t think the energy being put into the discussions is of much tangible value from a business perspective versus really just being an academic exercise.  Let’s explore why.

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