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The Fastest Growing Analytics And Data Science Roles Today

Not long ago, the role of Data Scientist was what most companies wanted to discuss with me in terms of roles they needed to understand and add to their organizations. Then, the role of Data Engineer became a big topic of discussion. In the past year, there has been a massive increase of attention being paid to yet another role that is still new enough that its title hasn’t been standardized.

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What Makes A Great Analytics Professional?

With the tidal wave of big data upon us, organizations need the right analytical talent to use this data to make important business decisions. But many hiring managers are in the dark as to the traits of a great analytics professional, and many misconceptions exist. In many instances, organizations focus too narrowly on a person’s technical skills. While strong technical skills are necessary, these skills alone are not sufficient. To be a great analytics professional, individuals need critical “soft skills” which include commitment, creativity, business savvy, presentation skills, and intuition.

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Analytical Services Reach Full Flower

One of the most astounding developments in analytics over the past several decades is the rise of analytical professional services. Until a couple of years ago, organizations wanting to build and execute analytical applications were largely on their own. Now they’ve got plenty of help. The availability of consultants and integrators with quantitative skills, business acumen, and technological expertise will undoubtedly speed the arrival of what might be called “the age of analytics.”

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