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Data Preparation: Is the Dream of Reversing the 80/20 Rule Dead?

I recently had someone ask me, “For years we’ve talked about changing analytics from 80% data prep and 20% analytics to 20% data prep and 80% analytics, yet we still seem stuck with 80% data prep. Why is that?” To explain, we need to differentiate between a new data source and/or a new business problem and existing ones we have addressed before.

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Analytics As Rock Stars? Don't Be A One Hit Wonder!

What a change a few decades makes! When first starting my career as an analyst, I had no illusions about what I was getting into. I was choosing a field that most people didn’t enjoy or even understand. I knew I would get to work on neat analytical projects, but realized my role (and those of analysts like me) would always be on the periphery of an organization. Best case, we’d be respected for what we could offer, but would generally provide analysis that somebody else would take credit for.

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