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Welcome to the Age of Explainability

Modern life has been good for those who understand and can develop analytics. From sex to soccer, data and algorithms are having an increasing impact on how important decisions are made. But it hasn’t been as pleasant for those who don’t understand algorithms but are still subject to the decisions they help to make.

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Is Your Data Becoming Commoditized?

If your organization is in the business of supplying data—either to internal or external customers—it’s likely that your business is rapidly becoming commoditized. There is so much data in the world that it is increasingly not very valuable in itself. Most organizations need data to make better decisions, but analyzing data is difficult and time-consuming. If you still want to get a premium for the data you supply, you need to supplement it with analysis and insights.

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The Importance Of Interfaces To BI Tools

Interactivity and visual interfaces certainly have their place in BI, where most reporting applications have no statistical meat or underlying assumptions. For analytics, however, the situation is trickier. Most organizations will need to decide just how much they want to focus on the ease of use issue, or whether they will take another approach to making analytical decision-making more pervasive in their organizations.

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