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Analytics Predictions and Priorities for 2019

IIA leaders Bill Franks, Tom Davenport and Bob Morison revealed their list of 2019 analytics predictions and priorities for data-driven enterprises. Pressing topics include ethics, unique data, artificial intelligence, security, model deployment, and organizing talent.

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What Business Leaders Can Learn From Intelligence

After reading the interesting story about Edward Snowden in Wired, and I can’t quite figure out what I think of the man. He seems neither the patriot that James Bamford (not surprisingly, given his background) portrays him to be, nor the traitor that some argue. The story certainly nourishes the increasing concern that the US spies on its own citizens and national allies. And there is little doubt after reading it that a disgruntled employee (or contractor) can walk out an intelligence agency’s door with a “pocket full of thumb drives.”

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