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Deep Learning: Einstein or Savant?

Once you dig into deep learning, you’ll find that as opposed to being a generally brilliant algorithm akin to Albert Einstein, it is much more akin to a savant like the famous movie character from Rain Man. In other words, a deep learning process is really smart at a specific task or two, but not smart at all for anything else.

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Two Cheers For Situational Intelligence

A few months ago I heard and got excited about WindyGrid, a “situational awareness” system for the city of Chicago. According to this description, it’s a geographic information system that “presents a unified view of city operations—past and present—across a map of Chicago, giving key personnel access to all of the city’s spatial data, historically and in real time.” The system contains information on 911 and 311 service calls, transit and mobile asset locations, building status, tweets by geographical origin, and so forth. The system was designed by Brett Goldstein, then the city’s Chief Data Officer, who has since left the job.

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The Data Product Era Begins In Financial Services

I’ve been feeling that there is a sea change happening in what organizations do with data, and I now have confirmation of it at several financial companies. I heard, for example, that JPMorgan Chase, the nation’s largest bank by assets, established an “Intelligent Solutions” business unit to offer—among other things—products based on data and analytics to its customers.

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