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Big Data Analytics Doesn't Have To Be The Wild West

To many, big data feels like the wild west; little or no structure or standards and an unclear picture of how to use the data for analysis.  Will there ever be a day when big data will become easier to work with? Yes!!! In fact, you can begin to standardize and simplify your use of big data today, even in cases where you don’t control the input stream. To understand how, it is important to consider the maturity curve for any new data source or analytic process.

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Analytics Conferences Gone Wild!

As a result of the attention business analytics has received in recent years, we’re seeing a proliferation of conferences tied to analytics. It seems like everywhere one turns, one finds another analytics conference. In addition to totally new shows, there are also some conferences that weren’t historically focused on business analytics that are now shifting a large part of their focus to the topic. Shows traditionally focused on tools now have tracks or completely separate events that focus on the application of analytics. Have analytics conferences gone wild?

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