Is Machine Learning Analytics or AI?

One of the definitional debates that bedevils the artificial intelligence (AI) field is whether machine learning is an AI-based method or technology. Or is it just an analytics-based activity? After all, it is statistical in nature, and attempts—as virtually analytical methods do—to fit a line or curve to a set of data points. So is it really AI? And what difference does it make?

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Tom Davenport
The Varying Role of the CDxO

While the role of Chief Data Officer (CDO) is becoming commonplace in large corporations, the responsibilities of the role vary greatly. In fact, the variation in job expectation is substantial enough to delineate several distinct CDO personas into CDxOs.

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Kathy Koontz
Inconsistent Definitions Wreak Havoc on Analytics

Everyone who has lived within the world of analytics has seen cases where different parts of a business have made use of slightly differing definitions of core business metrics. Sometimes these differences lead to only minor and non-material disagreement. At other times, the differences in definition can cause massive divergence of reported results and related actions taken. When is the last time your organization took the time to really examine the strengths and weaknesses of the metric definitions being used on a daily basis?

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Are You Personally Investing With Your Analytics Expertise?

Everyone seems to agree that analytics, AI and Big Data are changing the world and that cloud computing is accelerating the adoption of these technologies. Combined, they are disrupting traditional business models and creating new market opportunities. If you are an analytics leader, data scientist, ML engineer, software engineer or other related role you see first-hand the power of analytics to unlocked hidden value in existing businesses or to enable completely new businesses. Are you using your first-hand knowledge of analytics to shape your investment strategy?

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David Alles
Joining the Inc. 5000 Ranks

We at IIA are so proud to be listed for the first time on Inc. Magazine’s Annual List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies. This honor comes thanks to the efforts of the entire IIA team and the leadership of CEO and Co-Founder Jack Phillips.

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Why Google Duplex Did Not Pass the Turing Test

Recently, a lot of press was given to Google’s Duplex Artificial Intelligence (AI) bot. The Duplex bot calls businesses, such as a restaurant, on your behalf and makes a reservation. We’re going to save for another day the potential ethical issues raised by AI bots fooling people into believing they are talking to a person. Instead, let’s focus on whether or not Duplex has successfully passed the Turing test as some have suggested.

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Bill Franksbill franks
Will Data Scientist Continue to be the Sexiest Job?

Back in 2012 I wrote (with D.J. Patil, who went on to become the Chief Data Scientist in the White House) an article in Harvard Business Review called “Data Scientist.” Nobody remembers the title or much about the content of the article, but many remember the subtitle: “Sexiest Job of the 21st Century.” At the time (and still today), these jobs paid well, were difficult to fill, and required a very high level of analytical and computational expertise. But a more accurate subtitle might have been “Sexiest Job of the 2010-2019 Decade,” because I am not sure how much longer data scientists will be in great demand.

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Highlights From the AI Conference Keynotes

This week, IIA attended The AI Conference presented by O’Reilly Media and Intel AI (#TheAIConf) in New York City. The conference tagline was “Put AI to Work” and it provided an informative and comprehensive overview of the current state of artificial intelligence. Session topics ranged from cutting edge research to new AI tools to production ready use cases.

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84.51° Builds a Machine Learning Machine for Kroger

84.51°’s Chief Operations Officer, Milen Mahadevan, is a champion for automation of processes and products within the organization. 84.51°’s Shop, a custom-built BI platform that allows CPG customers to pull detailed reports about shopping behavior, is a successful example of BI automation.

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Why Analytics of Things Standards are Needed

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to explode, so does the need for the analysis of IoT data. At IIA, we call the analysis of IoT data the Analytics of Things (AoT). However, without some attention to standards of both IoT data itself and the analysis of it, organizations will struggle to achieve AoT’s potential. In this post, we’ll dig into several different areas where standardization must be pursued.

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Do You Need a Ph.D. to Run Analytics or Data Science?

While we are supportive of companies’ efforts to hire quantitative Ph.D.’s to practice data science, we believe that most firms are better off hiring people with other types of training and general management skills to manage analytics and data science groups. Why? Because there are a series of traits that make for effective managers of such groups, and most Ph.D.’s don’t tend to have them. We describe ten of those traits in this blog, and the reasons why they are unlikely to be found in the average doctoral degree holder. The list of traits may be useful for anyone seeking to hire a leader of analytics or data science functions-whether they are considering Ph.D.’s or not.

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