Breaking Analytic Barriers: how to “democratize” data science in your organization

As enterprises have increased their ability to collect data, they seek new ways to capitalize on their growing data estates, driving expanded investment in analytics tools and practitioners. Nowhere has this growth been so marked as in the realm of data science, where data is used by highly skilled professionals in advanced applications to predict future outcomes and prescribe optimal strategies. As a result, the market demand for data-science experts has far outstripped supply, and many organizations have sought strategies to capture more benefit from existing data-science investments. Enter a practice called “democratizing data science:” enabling a broader range of analytic roles to produce advanced analysis and drive meaningful business outcomes.

Join IIA’s CAO Bill Franks alongside Nick Jewell and Liam Yu of Alteryx for this webinar as they share the strategies you need to implement to optimize the value of your analytic workforce and increase the leverage of data science within your organization. They will talk through key areas that can quickly drive change and help you understand some of the pitfalls to avoid. In this webinar they will cover:

● How can democratizing data science drive business value?

● What does this look like in practice?

● How do you identify advanced analytic opportunities and requirements for different stakeholders?

● What are citizen data scientists, and where do they fit in your organization?

● What are potential risks in facilitating increased access to data science and what steps can be taken to mitigate those risks?


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