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Marc Demarest

CEO and Principal, Noumenal, Inc

Widely known as the father of data marting, Marc publishes and speaks regularly on topics ranging from big data, knowledge management, analytical applications and decision support systems to IT technology futures and information ethics; selections are available at He is a MBA graduate of Stanford University’s AEA Executive Institute and the NCR Process Management Institute and is an inventor on more than dozen granted or in-process patents in the areas of data warehousing, social network analysis and e-discovery, and is writing a book on decision support systems.

Prior to founding Noumenal, Marc was Chairman and CEO of DecisionPoint Applications, Inc., the industry’s first provider of packaged enterprise-scale data warehousing software for financial, human resources, manufacturing and distribution analysis. As CEO, he brought the company to market, oversaw the acquisition of the company’s first 100 customers and raised $42M in three funding rounds from a variety of venture and institutional investors including British Telecom, IBM, J&W Seligman and Battery Ventures.

Mark Madsen

President, Third Nature

Mark Madsen is President of Third Nature, an advisory and research firm focused on analytics, data strategy and data management. Mark is an award-winning author, architect and CTO whose work has been featured in numerous industry publications. Over the past ten years Mark received awards for his work from the American Productivity & Quality Center, TDWI, and the Smithsonian Institute. He is an international speaker and writer.

Written Research

Trends in Technology and Tools for Analytics

A great deal of innovation is taking place in the analytics technology landscape, with changes in the data infrastructure, the cloud, Hadoop, visualization, and the perception in many organizations that they need to invest in new technologies to support big data. But the significant amount of innovation and confusion about what is overhyped is creating uncertainty, which makes it difficult for decision makers to decide where to invest.

STRATA + Hadoop World event summary

2016 marks the 10th anniversary of the launch of Hadoop. IIA covered Strata Hadoop World (“Strata”) in New York City Sept. 26–29, 2016, and the size and scope of this show certainly reflects the growth and mainstream adoption of Hadoop and its ever-expanding ecosystem. There are now five annual Strata conferences that take place around the world — two in the U.S., two in Asia and one in Europe. Well over 30,000 people will attend a Strata conference this year.

2016 Business Intelligence and Analytics Capabilities report

As organizations elevate their analytics capabilities, one often overlooked challenge of analytics maturity is the balance between striving for more advanced capabilities and strengthening core business intelligence competencies. This research report, written by the International Institute for Analytics and sponsored by SAS, explores the relationship between Business Intelligence (BI) and Advanced Analytics (AA) as well as their adoption among large organizations. It reveals that BI is adopted and used more widely than AA, but companies that use BI across their entire organization are also more likely to implement AA across their entire organization.

This report provides answers to the following questions:

  • Where are organizations at in their adoption of BI and AA, and how do they execute the two disciplines?
  • How do organizations view their current BI and AA capabilities, and where are the largest gaps between importance and performance?
  • What are the key themes and barriers that hamper adoption of BI and AA?
  • How do organizations plan to invest in BI and AA over the next few years, and which emerging capabilities might be implemented?

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