Applications of AI: The VC Perspective

By Joanne Chen, May 08, 2018

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2018 Analytics Symposium – Santa Clara Session Recording

There’s a lot of recent hype around AI and much discussion about what we can expect from these emerging technologies in the next decade. While some fear of the technology’s power, others see it as an opportunity to improve business and even entire industries. As an investor involved in the space, Joanne shared her insights on the enterprise AI landscape, including the critical elements of any startup’s AI strategy, sift through what is hype and what isn’t, and share the most promising business applications of AI. Joanne also zoomed in on conversational AI, sharing examples of chatbots in the real world, the market evolution of the technology, and the implications for your business.

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Is AI over-hyped in 2017?

By Joanne Chen, Jul 20, 2017

Over the next ten years, I don’t believe AI is overhyped. However, in 2017, will all our jobs be automated away by bots? Unlikely. I believe the technology has incredible potential and will permeate across all aspects of our lives. But today, my sense is that many people don’t understand what the state of AI is, and thus contribute to hype. So what can AI do today?

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