Disney’s Data-Driven Decision-Making Culture: The Disney Data and Analytics Conference

By Keri Pearlson, Jul 25, 2016

Available to Research & Advisory Network Clients and Professional Members

Building a data-driven decision making culture is not easy. When managers are used to making decisions based on intuition and experience, finding ways to motivate data-driven decision making processes requires ingenuity and creative thinking.

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HR leaders can learn a lot from the experiences of MLB teams and sabermetrics. Teams who successfully use these tools have been able to field better teams, recognize true contributors, identify top performing teams, and understand the really contributing factors to better performance. Those are the same goals our organizations have. Ultimately, it’s about bringing the right people to the right roles and the right time—for baseball teams and corporate teams.

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Analytics Versus Intuition

By Keri Pearlson, Jan 21, 2011

Recently, when Assurant Solutions compared decisions made by highly trained experts with decisions made by ‘silicon-based intelligence,’ computerized judgments based on analytics, they were able to double and in some cases triple relevant performance metrics. That’s the story told in a recent Sloan Management Review article, Matchmaking with Math: How Analytics Beats Intuition to Win Customers, by Cameron Hurst as interviewed by Michael S. Hopkins and Leslie Brokaw (SMR’s December 15, 2010 issue).

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