At IIA, we believe in the power of analytics to fundamentally improve the way businesses operate. Here are some of the companies we’ve worked with, and their views on how IIA helps them broaden and accelerate their analytics expertise to meet the dynamic needs of their businesses .

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Joe DeCosmo

Chief Analytics Officer

As the head of a 50+ person analytics team at a tech company, I don't always have enough time in my day to research the latest in analytics technology, best practices, and organizational development. That's why I utilize IIA. They provide me with unbiased information I can use to help my team drive value for the business.

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John Maynard

Director, Analytics Leadership

IIA’s network of experts provide pragmatic perspectives on real-world issues and challenges we are dealing with in the dynamic data and analytic space.

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Anand Sathiyamurthy

GVP, Corporate Risk Management

Even though we have lots of books written about analytics and lots of resources available on the internet, we all run into unique situations time-to-time, with no playbooks. With the help of IIA experts we were able to get multiple relevant perspectives on our issues quickly and efficiently without need for engaging expensive consultants.

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Tu Le

SVP, Credit Risk Management

IIA provides a solid foundation of theoretical and practical knowledge for us to grow our analytical capabilities. The ability to learn best practices from across multiple industries combined with the ability to access their content & research staff easily outweighs the nominal annual costs.

Jeff Young

Director of Predictive Analytics

I’ve found our membership in IIA to be beneficial in multiple ways; from learning how other businesses and industries solve similar analytic problems, to gaining insights from the published research reports into how to apply new methods and tools.