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Past Webinars:


Join IIA’s CAO Bill Franks alongside Nick Jewell and Liam Yu of Alteryx for this webinar as they share the strategies you need to implement to optimize the value of your analytic workforce and increase the leverage of data science within your organization. They will talk through key areas that can quickly drive change and help you understand some of the pitfalls to avoid.


Despite the investment, adoption of analytics at the enterprise level is still very low, with 87% of the data science models never making it to production.

Join Ahmer Inam, a senior data and analytics leader with former executive roles at Nike Inc and Cambia Health Solutions, and Bill Franks, CAO of IIA as they discuss the pathways towards driving adoption of analytics at enterprise scale to drive organizational transformation.

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In financial services, customer analytics are a big deal and getting bigger. Customers are commonly the focal domain for new analytics development. Financial services organizations have long been at work developing customer data with the goal of building a 360-degree view of customers and relationships across channels, then analyzing that data to improve services, product offers and marketing campaigns. So why the emphasis on customer analytics today?

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Concerns are constantly being raised about what data is appropriate to collect and how (or if) it should be analyzed. There are many ethical, privacy, and legal issues to consider and no clear standards exist in many cases as to is fair and what is foul. This means that organizations must consider their own principles and risk tolerance in order to implement the right policies.

Join Tom Davenport, IIA Co-Founder and author of Completing on Analytics and David Alles, IIA Vice President as they talk through how the DELTA analytics maturity model has evolved. They will share IIA's latest market research and key trends that every organization needs to be aware of along with some ways to start improving your organizations own analytics capability today.


IIA led a multipart research study focused on “Improving Analytics Measurement.” Our objective was to take the pulse of analytics measurement practice, including finding patterns of metrics usage and identifying innovative and useful metrics. Join Bob Morison and Tom Davenport as they share insights they learned in the updated study and how the industry has changed of the last few years.


Join Tom Davenport, IIA Co-founder and Bill Franks, IIA CAO as they share stories of five organizations who have succeeded in implementing the DELTA framework into their company. Tom and Bill will share insights into the challenges they faced and what the teams did to overcome them. You are going to want to hear these case studies!


You’ve spent a lot of time and energy finding just the right person to fill your new data scientist role. The individual has settled into the position and is proving to be a successful hire for your organization. Looking forward, what can you do to retain the individual in your organization and help them stay engaged and successful? 

Join Jenny Schmidt, Analytics Talent Development Specialist as she shares important insights for retaining your data scientist by knowing what you want for your organization, showing the employee how they fit into your vision, and supporting the individual’s learning.


Join Bill Franks, CAO of IIA and David Alles, VP of IIA as they share how Technology and Analysis of the DELTA Plus model of analytics maturity will drive a greater impact in your company's analytics efforts.


Join International Institute for Analytics (IIA) Executive Director Kathy Koontz as she walks through how analytics maturity plays into the internal cultural shift that needs to happen to allow analytics to have a real impact. As your organization moves farther away from the IT mindset, analytics change from a tool to a system. Understanding analytics maturity and how that builds the system in which allows people to make decisions is key for driving analytics impact.


Is your analytics function strategically organized in a cross-functional or centralized model designed to create the greatest business value, or are you operating in disjointed silos? In this webinar, get answers to one of the top questions IIA gets from analytics leaders: “How should we organize our analysts?”


Join IIA as we host Edward Vandenberg, subject matter specialist in analytics and AI for the P&C Industry. In this webinar, you will go through the journey of analytics decision-making and find new ways of facing analytics problems. Edward shares his insights on navigating through key analytic challenges.

These key topics are discussed:

  1. Navigating your career as an AI practitioner

  2. Clarity on what AI is and what it isn’t

  3. Tools to help you discover use cases and design AI applications for your company


As we close 2018 and start examining what 2019 will hold for the analytics industry, there are some key opportunities and challenges to look out for. IIA Chief Analytics Officer Bill Franks, Co-Founder Tom Davenport, and Research Advisor Bob Morison share the top predictions and priorities for 2019 in this exclusive IIA webinar.


Join IIA Co-Founder Tom Davenport as he shares valuable insights from his newest book, The AI Advantage. In this webinar, he discusses leading case studies and top strategies to make the most of AI implementation.


Digital footprints of consumers and businesses generate valuable alternative data that can be leveraged for deep insights into their behavior. Are you making the most of your alternative data?

Join IIA’s John Ott with Sunaina Swaminathan and Kyle Billings of M Science for an interactive guide to:

  • The current alternative data landscape

  • Various types of data currently in the alternative data ecosystem

  • Applying alternative data to analytics efforts


We at IIA delivered our first Analytics Maturity Assessment (AMA) in March 2014. Over the last five years we have seen some key trends across all industries. Join David Alles, VP of IIA, and Jack Phillips, CEO of IIA, as they talk through the top frameworks, insights, and learnings from the last five years of assessments and research.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How has industries across the spectrum have become more analytically mature

  • Key indicators of analytics maturity

  • Analytics lessons from the last five years

  • Trends to watch in the coming years


Are you working to harness the power of digital technology to enhance existing customer value, discover new market opportunities, manage risk, and improve operational efficiency? At the heart of digital transformation is data. New digital technologies are generating mountains of new data that is captured by organizations. However, without analytics, this data provides little or no value. This webinar will explore the five key ways analytics power digital transformation inside organizations.


Join us as we welcome our new Executive Director of the Analytics Leadership Consortium, Kathy Koontz, to the team and hear her insights on the industry. Kathy joins IIA with years of experience working with enterprise analytics teams – from her time at Nationwide to her experience at Teradata – and has a unique perspective on this ever-growing area. IIA Chief Analytics Officer Bill Franks will be hosting Kathy in this fireside chat as they discuss:

  • How the analytics industry has grown over the last 15 years

  • Key challenges that clients are facing in today’s data economy

  • Analytics trends to watch


Based on IIA’s new and updated research on organizing analytics teams, Research Advisor Bob Morison reviews the objectives and variables of organizational structure and share examples of how enterprises are adjusting their structures to deploy and develop analysts effectively, incorporate new methods and technologies, address strategic business opportunities, and leverage the analytics ecosystem.


In today’s data-fueled world, organizations are increasingly looking to the cloud for analytics to help accelerate time-to-value, spin up resources at will, and reduce financial risk while enabling in-house talent to focus on value-add.

The path to cloud is rarely straight and wide, however, and a number of factors affect each company’s journey:

  • Data gravity and migration

  • Network connectivity and latency

  • Use cases, culture, skills, and expectations

Tune in to this exciting webcast to hear three cloud experts – an architect, an advocate, and an evangelist – engage in a lively, free-flowing conversation about the many considerations when moving analytics into the cloud. One thing’s for sure: you’ll pick up new knowledge and get a fun, fresh perspective on one of the hottest topics of our era.